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Batch size: 60 gallons

Batch Time: 4 Hours

Dimensions: 4' Width x 8' Length x 7' Height

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Computer Controlled

On board computers control and monitor every step of the production process, taking the guesswork out of making biodiesel.

The 8" touch screen will notify the operator if a problem arises during production, and offer possible solutions reducing downtime. Also, the operator can access a manual controls page on the screen if needed.

Methanol Recovery

Methanol Recovery.png

Excess methanol is recovered from glycerin and biodiesel from each batch. The recovered methanol is held in the methoxide mix tank and used in the next batch lowering production costs. Also removing excess methanol from the biodiesel produces a much higher quality product. 

Stainless Steel Construction

All pipes, tanks, pumps and pump heads are constructed from 304 stainless steel. In fact, all materials that come into contact with biodiesel are chemical resistant 

304 Stainless Steel TEFC Pumps

These pumps are built to withstand harsh chemicals, and are extremely safe 

Built with the User in Mind

Panel hinged open Small.jpg

We not only stand by our machines, we also use them. Each machine is designed to make cleaning and maintenance as easy and quick as possible. Each tank has a large access hole secured by bolts making cleaning a breeze 

Ion Exchange Resin Towers

The ion exchange resin towers can hold up to 66lbs. of purification resin. After the biodiesel has been processed, it is pumped through both towers in series to ensure that impurities are removed. Each tower has a large access hole on the top and bottom to make changing the media quick and efficient.